Sunday, September 25, 2011

Caps Convention, 2011

Mike Green


Matt Hendricks


Alzner, Potulny, Semin


George McPhee


Shanahan and McCreary


Dima Orlov


Brooks Laich

A little bit about me to get things started

I’m not a hockey analyst—never have been, never will be.  I lack the attention span for in-depth (or even superficial) analysis. But I love photography, to the point that I can lose hours of a day looking through the viewfinder of my camera. I used to take pictures when I traveled—still do, actually—and so it was a natural extension to start carting my camera along with me to hockey games. While I love watching the sport, I’ve found that for me it adds to the fun to try to get a good, crisp picture during a game, or at practice, or even in the awful lighting provided by the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

I’ve been a season ticket holder for the Caps for going on a decade now, sitting in the same seats as I cheer the team on (and sometimes try to find a solid surface against which to beat my head).  The move to Kettler for practices a few years back made the hockey photo adventure even more fun, and I now take the occasional long lunch to head over there and watch the guys. As a result the photography is a bit more sporadic than I’d like, which means this blog will be updated with the same irregularity. But updated it will be.
Thanks for stopping by. Let’s Go Caps!

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